Lithotripter - ESWL Model TMC-IA

The TMC-IA is working in many hospitals and clinics the world over, it is literally the smallest ESWL in the world today. It has been tried and tested since many years and is well known for it's excellent reliability and ruggedness.


The TMC-IA Lithotripter


Also called as the small giant, the TMC-IA is modular and all in one compact unit designed primarily for small clinics and portable use. The ultrasound based localization attachment enables the TMC-IA to be used as a mobile / portable unit, and is also a highly cost effective solution.

Small & effective ESWL-TMC-IA


A dry coupling and an OPD procedure makes ESWL Model TMC-IA as the best choice for an affordable Lithotripter for any hospital or clinic offering walk in and walk out type of ESWL Lithotripsy procedure.


About TMC-IA Lithotripter

Key features of the TMC-IA include:

Compact and Lightweight

The integrated, all-in-one compact design of the TMC-IA makes it practically the smallest lithotripsy system in the world. The TMC-IA is ideal for clinics with smaller therapy room.


Allows you to use any room as ESWL therapy room, just roll in the TMC-IA for therapy and the system is ready for operation. The system can be moved to the side of the room when not in use, thereby enables space saving. The system can also be used in a mobile van, for reaching remote places and clinics for ESWL therapy.

Time saving

Therapy on a TMC-IA takes not more than 40 to 50 minutes. The operator friendly design greatly enhances efficiency and delivers optimal clinical results. The use of the system is very easy to learn and operate.




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