Lithotripter - ESWL Model TMC-SA

The TMC-SA is modular ESWL and is being used in many hospitals and clinics the world over for the past more than 2 decades. It has long lasting consumables and is prefered by doctors that want an uptime of their machine to its maximum.


The TMC-SA Lithotripter


The TMC-SA is incorporated with powerful Vega III Ultra-life Shock Wave Generator, offering high energy range augmented up to 1400 bars and an unbelievable life span of a minimum of 4 million shock waves. The patient therapy table is fully motorized and moves all three axis through a hand held remote, enabling precise stone localization.

Modular & effective ESWL-TMC-SA

The ESWL TMC-SA is superior and versatile lithotripsy system designed to be used with most of the fluoroscopic C-Arm units available with the clinic or hospital. The TMC-SA is a highly economical solution for clinics and hospitals, lower ownership and operational costs makes the TMC-SA as the most preferred ESWL system among physicians.


About TMC-SA Lithotripter

Key features of the TMC-SA include:

Highly Adaptable
The ESWL TMC-SA is compatible with a wide range of fluoroscopic C-Arm systems available in the market. So special installation or adjustments are required, so just roll it in with any fluoroscopic system and it will adapt to your requirement.

Better Clinical outcomes

The TMC-SA incorporates the Vega III Ultra-Life shockwave generator which enables wide shockwave energy control up to 22KV and pressure range up to 1400 bars, highly suitable for disintegrating bigger calculi.

Low Maintenance

This rugged and established ESWL system is highly economical to operate and maintain. Lower cost of spares and consumables offer long term benefit and saves you from high maintenance costs. Most of the spares are available in ready stock, which ensures high uptime of the system.


ESWL Model TMC-IA dry treatment

Modular Design


Superior interactive designed Lithotripter and continuous quality enhancement allows the ESWL TMC - SA to beat all competition hands down. So for a new center or an existing hospital the right Lithotripter can be the "TMC -SA" as the system can function 100% duty cycle. But even more important is the fact that "TMC-SA" spells class.

Elegant, user and patient friendly, the ESWL TMC-SA is designed to achieve the highest standard of performance. This smartly engineered electro-hydraulic system has various advantages over other systems.

Basic features
  • Customize the device working setup.
  • Detachable separate Modules.
  • Portability of device possible.
  • Long-lasting Consumables


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