Lithotripter - ESWL Model TMC-Compact

The TMC-Compact is an integrated ESWL device, it is per-aligned with built-in imaging systems. It has been tried and tested since many years and is well known for it's excellent reliability and ruggedness.


The TMC-Compact Lithotripter


We built some wonderful machines.We not only got smiles back but were patted on the back too. A happy customer is better then twice new customers. The TMC Policies speak, with success.The ESWL TMC-Compact is yet another success story</p

Intigrated & Compact ESWL-TMC-Compact

The fluoroscopy C-Arm is pre-aligned with the shockwave focus and requires no adjustments for focalizing. The C-Arm can be rolled from 0 to 30 degrees to provide two isocentric viewing angles for precise stone localization. The compact and sleek design of the Compact also enables the concept of space saving and greatly reduces operational requirements.


Key features of the TMC-Compact include:

Integrated and Sleek

The TMC-Compact, as its name describes, is a small compact unit witch has a very small footprint as compared to other ESWL therapy systems. All the subsystems are integrated into one unit and no special arrangements are required to perform ESWL therapy.

Space Saving

Allows you to use any room as ESWL therapy room, just roll in the TMC-Compact for therapy and the system is ready for operation, as no other focalising and diagnosing systems are required. The system can be moved to the side of the room when not in use, thereby enables space saving.

Shorter Treatment Times

Because of minimal initial settings, high energy output and a precise focal zone TMC-Compact lithotripter has an added advantage of greatly reducing treatment times. With the TMC-Compact lithotripter, treatment session of around 3000 shots generally takes only 40 to 50 minutes.

Lower Cost Of Maintenance

Long lasting consumables and ease of availability enables distinct saving over recurring operational expenses. The maintenance of the Compact is very easy as all sub-systems are plug-n-play type, and enables the clinics in house staff to maintain the system on their own without much of trouble and initial training.


ESWL Model TMC-Compact

Module Positions



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