Technical Specifications of ESWL model TMC-SA
Operating Voltage: 220/110 Volts AC
Operating Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Operating Humidity: 35 to 85% non-condensing
Operating Temperature: 3 to 30 degrees celsius
Energy Source: Electrohydraulic
Principle: Under water spark gap discharge
Type: Dual focus ellipsoparabolied
Focal Size: 4 X 12 mm
Penetration Depth: 135 mm
Diameter: 177 mm
Energy Range: 12 to 22 KV
Angle of reflection: 60 degrees (normal mode)
Dimension: 1800 mm X 600 mm
Movement Up / Down: 250 mm
Movement Left / Right: 100 mm
Movement Head / Foot 150 mm
Patient Weight Limit: 200 kilograms
Model: Vega III Ultra-Life
Energy Range: 12 to 22 KV
Pressure Range: Up to 1400 bars
Energy Control: Variable in steps of 2 KV
Life Cycle: 4 million shockwaves minimum
Control: Integrated with keys and buttons.
Shockwave Counter: Treatment Counter (reset type)
Trigger: Simulation (70 pulses/min.)
Foot Switch: Non-Electrical


The "TMC-SA" from "TMC Europa Ltd." is a state-of-the art portable Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter.

The system includes a Shock Wave Generator, a motorized multifunctional treatment table, an integrated control panel and components for focusing. It is designed to fragment upper urinary track stones, renal calycle stones, renal pelvic stones and upper urethral stones.

The Equipment is compatible with most of the C-Arm found in most hospitals and clinics.
It offers cost effectiveness for regional as well as local hospitals or private clinics with low patient volume.
It offers very low operational cost making it affordable by majority of patients.

Space requirement is very less and no extra installation cost and no site preparation.

Image Intensifier can also be used separately for other purposes like Orthopedic, PCNL use etc.


The "TMC-SA" has following built in standard features:-


The Shock Wave Generator is designed to give optimum performance with very less maintenance requirement. It has a built in special reflector with a neoprene latex membrane that forms a water cushion for coupling of shock waves with the human body.

The electrode used in "TMC-SA" provides a very high utilization of Electro-hydraulic energy and thus a utilization of little or no sedation requirement.

The main features include:

The Shock wave Generator with variable energy control.

A reflector with spark discharge.

Proprietary coupling membranes for dry treatment.



The Built in Control unit is designed to control the shock wave unit while in treatment.


The 3 – axis motorised treatment table is designed to be multifunctional as it can be used for other purposes if not in use with the Lithotripter.

This table provides the user a three axes control for positioning the patient for initial focusing phase and during treatment.

The treatment table features:

1. Remote Control
2. Motorized movement in three axes
3. Multifunctional i.e. uses other than Lithotripter


A. Description of the System

The "TMC-SA" from the "TMC Europa Ltd." is an extra corporeal shock wave Lithotripter (ESWL) with an underwater spark discharge system. The system comprises of an ESWL unit, a control panel and a multifunctional treatment table, designed as per the latest technological aspects know how of the "TMC Europa Ltd.". The system is extremely flexible and variable. Thus it adapts easily to the requirement of the user.

The system enables an efficient, safe and economical treatment of urinary calculi. Simple handling, high patient treatment rate, an affordable price and low consequential costs increase the commercial efficiency in everyday use.

B. The Shock Wave Generator: (ESWL UNIT).

The Shock Wave Generator unit is a mobile unit and can be used whenever required in the hospital due to its integrated rollers.

The unit is modular in design and thus is easy to service.

Only one three-pin plug of 15 Amps is required from the hospital supply to operate this unit.

C. Multifunctional Treatment Table

The patient positioning has been designed to position the patient in all three-space co-ordinates.

Actuated by hand switch, a motor moves the treatment table in any required position either for Lithotripsy diagnosis or any other treatment.

The multifunctional treatment table permits the positioning of the patient independently of the location of the calculus with the position of the user remaining the same. The table has been provided wheels for mobility, thus allowing easy displacement.

One 15 Amps three-pin plug is required as electrical connection from the Hospital supply to operate the table.

D. Operating Panel

The Built in Control Panel is most simplified in design and has very easy to operate controls.

E. Option for "TMC-SA"

On accounts of its compact design and modular in construction the "TMC-SA" is ideally suited for the concept of a mobile Lithotripter.

The Concept of the Mobile Lithotripter once again increases the high commercial efficiency of the Loess Lithotripter the "TMC-SA" as it can be transported from one place to another without any special site preparation.

F. Procedure.

Treatment is started with the patient being properly focalized with the point of shockwaves. A suitable intensity of the shock wave is selected by increasing or decreasing the kV of the ESWL. It is advised that treatment may be started with the least possible kV setting. The intensity maybe slowly increased during the treatment.

A simple technique is used to set the Lithotripter and the C-Arm. To adjust the C-Arm with the Shock Wave Generator in line to the direction of the shock waves, a plane projection is first taken and then a 30 degree projection is taken to enable the exact stone location in the second focus F2. This procedure can be carried with almost any standard 6" C-Arm Image Intensifier available in the market the world over.



1 One "TMC-SA" Main Unit

2 One Integrated Control Unit.

3 One Motorized Patient Treatment Table.

4 One Shock Wave Generator Vega III (Ultra Life)



The customer may purchase Shock Wave Generator, Electrode and Treatment Membrane of the following model numbers in their local currency from the nearest dealer distributor.

1. SWG - model VEGA – III :
2. SWG - model VEGA -III (UL) :
3. Electrode - model MF 01 :
4. Membrane - model NL 135

The latest prices of consumables can be confirmed from local distributer. In case you do not know about your local dealer or distributer, contact "TMC Europa Ltd." support at Prices are subjected to change without any prior notice and without any prejudice to anyone.

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