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Welcome to ESWL Section.

We welcome you to our most comprehensive and resourceful section on ESWL. You can get product information, Specifications, Prices, downloads etc. Please go ahead and see which ESWL equipment you are looking out for ??

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Knowledge-base and FAQs

These are quick-links to some FAQs and Knowledgebase articles that you may want to visit for more information. This could help you decide on the equipment best suitable for you. Please click on the links available.

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These FAQs are general in nature covering both medical and technical uses of the ESWL. You can find more FAQs that are suitable for medical service providers too.

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These FAQs provide you information on how you could plan and execute your purchase order. How you will get the machine and what technicalities are involved in this procedure.

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Technical Specifications of ESWL model TMC-IA
Operating Voltage: 220/110 Volts AC
Operating Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Operating Humidity: 35 to 85% non-condensing
Operating Temperature: 3 to 30 degrees celsius
Energy Source: Electrohydraulic
Principle: Under water spark gap discharge
Type: Dual focus ellipsoparabolied
Focal Size: 4 X 12 mm
Penetration Depth: 135 mm
Diameter: 177 mm
Energy Range: 10 to 20 KV
Angle of reflection: 60 degrees (normal mode)
Dimension: 1800 mm X 450 mm
Movement Up / Down: 250 mm
Movement Left / Right: 100 mm
Movement Head / Foot 100 mm
Patient Weight Limit: 250 kilograms
Model: Vega III
Energy Range: 10 to 20 KV
Pressure Range: Up to 1200 bars
Energy Control: Variable in steps of 2 KV
Life Cycle: 2 million shockwaves minimum
Control: Integrated keys and buttons
Shockwave Counter: Treatment Counter (reset type)
Trigger: Simulation (70 pulses/min.)
Foot Switch: Non-Electrical

Please note all specifications are not part of the standard equipment. Many features are optional and may make the part of an equipment on choice. For more information please contact TMC for help.

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Questions and Answers !

FAQs on Lithotripsy & ESWL

We have various FAQs covering many topics you can find answers to most of your questions. Click the link below to take you to the ESWL FAQ page.

TMC-SA Lithotripter

What Our Clients Say

  • Dr. Rajiv Sood : Very compact system and requires small floor area. Works with C-arm as well as with ultrasound. Low cost of consumables. Excellent after sales services provided to me..
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